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TAG Studio was found in 2004 and has been professionally active in 2D and 3D animation, Visual Effects, Film production and illustration arenas. Our experienced team consists of script writers, professional directors, 2D artists, 3D modelers, texture artists, riggers, render artists and skilled post production artists for compositing.

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“Are you looking for a quality and affordable animation studio?”

We are a professional 2D and 3D animation Studio with 13 years of experience in this field. Our specialty is in V-effects, 3D animation, Film production and illustration arena.
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Tag Studio has long experience producing 2D (cutout) and 3D animation from scratch. However we have concentrated on 3D animation since our establishment. All the pre production, production and post production steps are professionally done by our experienced artists and our main goal in this field is to bring the best of animation within the most suitable techniques and soft wares available worldwide. We mainly use Maya but also 3dsmax and XSI and sometimes we use the combination of these 3 soft wares to accomplish the perfect result.


We have a team consisting of designers, 3D modeling artists, Texture artists sand riggers. You can share your ideas or 2d concepts and we can bring the character you imagine for your animation, game, or film into reality.


We have collaborated with professional game companies during recent years. Also we are cooperating with few game companies at the moment. We use UNREEL for Pc games and Unity for mobile game production.



An eye for detail makes our works excellent

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