PIPELINE 3D ANIMATION is everywhere these days; be it art, video games, film, or commercials. We are T.A.G. – a 3D animation studio with a diverse 3D animation team that uses animation pipelines to create perfect 3D imagery. Most finished products require different animation techniques, and pipeline animation is a fun way of bringing them all together!

How Does Pipeline 3D Animation Work?

An animation pipeline is simply a creative assembly – a workflow system made up of certain hardware, software, and people aligned within a certain budget and timeframe. Most animated media you see is created by an entire 3D animation group instead of just a couple of people, so pipelines are useful for ensuring that everyone works together seamlessly and efficiently.


An animation pipeline has three phases:

The Pre-production Phase

Pre-production is the most important phase of the pipeline, because it lays down the foundation for the entire process. It is primarily based on planning and research. We divide our 3D animation team into two subgroups: the first becomes our design team and the second becomes our management team!

Pre-production begins with brainstorming and generating ideas, which are then used to create stories. The stories are converted to formal, tangible scripts that we use for storyboarding – creating a non-moving visual like a comic book, which becomes a blueprint for the animatic. The animatic is a simple 2D sequence which we use to refine character design, layout, etc.

The Production Phase

The production phase takes the hardest work – this is where all our pre-production ideas are turned into 3D animations. For this purpose, our two 3D animation groups are further split into smaller teams working on different frames. The animation begins with 3D modeling, which creates a basic structure using the animatic. We then use techniques like 3D texturing, 3D rigging, and 3D rendering to add richer details to our images!


The Post-production Phase

Post-production adds the final touches to our animations, and turns them into the polished and professional assets our clients need! Here, we use compositing to compile the layers we rendered in the last phase into the final output.

To further polish our work, we use color correction for consistency, and VFX to perfect visual effects like sparks, dust, raindrops, etc. Our clients can get the finished animations in different digital formats!

What Makes Pipeline Animation So Effective?

We know from experience that animations created using pipelines are not only better than their counterparts, but always result in happier clients too! Why? Well, for one thing, a pipeline makes the most out of each client’s budget, so you end up getting a lot of bang for your buck – despite how notoriously expensive animation can be!

Pipelines also help us create complex animations in shorter periods by allowing us to adjust creative lines in the face of possible delays. Having our 3D animation studio create a mascot for you, or a 3D commercial – even one as short as 15-30 seconds – can do wonders for your brand and help you stand out in the competitive world of marketing. Reach out to us today for a quotation!

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